Chicken DO FLY and sleep in trees. TRUE FACT !

While in Trinidad, I sat outside on the back step around sunset and decided to enjoy the cool breeze and listen to what nature has to offer.
Suddenly, a chicken flies on top of the galvanize roof beside me and flies up into the Mango Tree.
I stared in shock and began to laugh hysterically !
My Grandmother told me that every night the chicken go up in to the Mango Tree to sleep at night.
How unreal !
Only in Trinidad



An ordinary day in Trinidad

While in Trinidad, I stayed at my Grandmother’s house in Pointe-A-Pierre.
I got the chance to play with some baby chicks which melt my heart (except for when they poop on you *yuck).
My sister and I would go for walks around the area and take photos of things we find interesting; things that are not typical to see in Canada.
The colourful houses, the hills, crazy power lines that look like they’ll collapse, and the Postman who delivers mail by bicycle.

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